Going for the World Championships

In recent years, Israel became one of the most attractive locations for open water events. After successfully hosting The European Championships and World Cups, Israel will be hosting The 2ndFina World Junior Open Water Swimming Championship 2014 (28-30th) August 2014


Israel started to host open water events in 2007, and since then hosted, The European Championship 2011, The European Cups and The World Cups regularly.


The city of Eilat offers a unique scenario allowing open water competitions to take place throughout the whole year. With water temperature steady between 21-22 degrees Celsius all year, the course is clear and with calm waters, closed to the shore allowing a clear view of the race

The competition hotel is 4 minutes' drive from the airport, located 70 Meters away from the event’s location, allowing swimmers, coaches and staff to operate with the highest efficiency and direct all energy and attention for the race to come

Months before the events are scheduled to take place in Eilat, the whole city and its marine clubs and marine police, gets involved in helping to organize the competition. A very large group of volunteers are dedicated to help to make the open water event one of the most attractive races to come to watch. Those conditions along with the vibrant city of Eilat, offer not just a great location to compete but also plenty of day activities as well as night life making Eilat one of the most toured locations in Israel.


 The Junior World Championship is a very young event. During 2012, the event took place for the first time in Canada and Israel will have the honor of being the 2nd ever to host this event. The Israeli Swimming Association, the city of Eilat and the huge support system we are building around hosting the best ever open water event will create an amazing sports experience that you must come to see.





Israeli Swimming Association
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